Small group helps property owner

On Saturday, July 12, several Butler County residents took action into their own hands to help a rural property owner.
"Numerous complaints from neighbors had brought this to the attention of Butler County and failure to rectify the problem landed the property owner in District Court," commented County Commissioner Mike Wheeler. "In order to prevent any further court action from taking place, it was agreed that a small group could help the property owner in the clean up and probably keep the Court from taking further action."
A small group from around Butler County took action in order to prevent further legal ramifications to the resident.
The group, which consisted of Boy Scout leader Frank Williams and his son, boy scout David Williams, four members of the Emmaus Church of Whitewater, six family members of the resident and two County Commissioners, Mike Wheeler and Ed Myers.
"We helped the resident to clean the property to prevent the case from moving forward in District Court," said Myers. "The group we gathered was a great help to us in cleaning up."
Together, the group removed five pickup truck loads of trash and debris from the property.
"She seemed very appreciative for the help," added Myers. "She seemed to be very overwhelmed with the mess and didn't know where to start."
"We removed a lot of trash from the property," said Wheeler. "It didn't really take us long at all and it was well worth the effort."