The Fort Leavenworth Stray Facility would like to welcome you and your furry friends to the best hometown in the Army. Along with being the home of the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks and the Intellectual Center of the Army, Fort Leavenworth is a pet-friendly community. Our area dogs have access to two dog parks on the fort as well as various trails.

Fort Leavenworth falls under the same regulations as the majority of posts in the Army, and all pets are required to be microchipped and up-to-date on their rabies vaccine. Along with chipping and vaccinations, each pet is to be registered with the post Veterinary Treatment Facility and, if residing on post, Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities. Contact the VTF at 684-6510 for more information about registering pets. FLFHC can be reached at (913) 682-6300.

Although Fido and Fluffy are supposed to be on leashes at all times when outside of a fenced yard, they do find ways to wander on their own from time to time. When pets are registered, up-to-date on rabies vaccination and microchipped, getting them back home is even quicker. When a stray is found on Fort Leavenworth, a resident can bring it to the FLSF between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. If found outside of those hours, call the non-emergency Military Police number at 684-2111 and request that the animal be picked up for delivery to the Stray Facility.

What happens once the pet arrives? The next available FLSF representative will scan the pet for a microchip. If there is a chip, then a quick call to the chip company will yield a contact phone number for the owners. One more call and Fido or Fluffy is back in your arms. What if you have not updated your contact information? The FLSF will do all they can to locate you, but without a contact phone number, that may not happen. After three business days Fido or Fluffy becomes adoptable.

How can you prevent that from happening? Within 30 days of each move, update the chip company with your newest contact information. If you don’t know the chip number, review all vet records that you have for your pets because most vets will record this number. If you still cannot find the number, take Fido or Fluffy to your local veterinarian or shelter to have him or her scanned.

Don’t know what company the chip is with? Start by going to This should tell you what company and how to contact them. There are times when this website does not yield a result. In that case, call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN. Home Again is wonderful with assisting pet owners. Keep in mind that most chip companies do offer a membership but that does not have to be active for a shelter to obtain your contact information. A chip never expires and owner contact information is always available.

Now that you have found the chip number, company and phone number you can update your contact information but keep in mind that the more information they have the better chance your pet makes it back home. It is highly recommended that you supply an alternate contact phone number. During a move, this is helpful to ensure owners can be contacted.

The FLSF is happy to assist you during your transition and insuring your furry friend makes it back home. Contact us at 684-4939, or Petfinder, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Editor’s note: April Campana is lead volunteer coordinator and animal caretaker at the Fort Leavenworth Stray Facility.