Those kids brought in eight bucks for charity in less than an hour

Tuesday afternoon I’d been sitting down for no more than five minutes when Little Missy and her big brown eyes came up to me. “Mommy, can we have a lemonade stand? I mean, we don’t have any lemonade and so I’m sorry that you’ll have to go back to the store again, but please? Can we have a lemonade stand? And we’ll donate all the money to charity!”
Immediately in my head sprung three good reasons not to:
1) It’s no longer summer, people will not be expecting to stop at a lemonade stand. We’ll go to all this work and she’ll be disappointed by the lack of customers.
2) It was 4:15, G had to be at football practice at 5:30, I had to start preparing a quick dinner in less than 30 minutes so that he could eat and be out the door in time.
3) Newton and physics and a body at rest and so on. I wanted to keep sitting.
“Eh…,” I responded with the best of the three arguments against it. “Baby, I have to start dinner in less than 30 minutes. That barely gives us any time for a lemonade stand.”
“But please, Mommy, pretty please?” By this time her hands were clasped together under her chin and her big eyes had gotten even bigger.
And I caved. “Ok, sweetie.”
“Thank you, Mommy!” She said as she squealed and hugged me tight. That giant hug that spontaneously burst from her sweet soul made it all worth it.
So I ran to the store and picked up the requisite lemonade and disposable cups. By the time I got home, Little Missy had gotten not only her brother and sister involved but also their two neighbor friends. The kids worked on signage, hauled a table out to the street, found an old piggy bank in which to keep the money.
Then the five of them--Little Missy, G, Baby Chickadee and their two friends--set about accosting all manner of people. It did not matter if the people were driving a vehicle or walking down the street, those children were going to scream and wildly wave their arms with offers of lemonade. Neighbor Boy even walked door-to-door, pushing lemonade on anyone at home.
Turns out, even though school is back in session and it’s no longer the endless days of summer, plenty of people were more than willing to drop $.50 on a cup of lemonade. People screeched to a stop in the middle of the street to buy some, our neighbors walked over more than once to buy a cup. Those kids brought in eight bucks for charity in less than an hour. A pretty good haul.
And so! It was totally worth it not to continue sitting on my behind but instead to allow Little Missy her impractical whim.  I need to remember this for future impractical whims that spring forth from the minds of my babies.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three.  She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.