New activities and programs for this fall

The Arc of Butler, an organization that assists individuals with intellectual and related disabilities and their families, is busy setting up new activities and programs this fall.
‘The Arc in the Park’ “a fun evening for persons to get to know The Arc, will be held Sept. 5  in the 13th Street Park in Andover.  Persons interested are welcome to come when they can throughout the evening.  At 4 p.m. frisbee, croquette and other outdoor fun will begin.  At 5:30 serving of free hot dogs, chips, brownies and drinks will start.  At around 6:15 those in attendance will get to hear about the growing Special Olympics program, socialization activities and informational meetings planned throughout the year.  The evening will end before 7 so those who wish can still get to football games.
A workshop for parents of special needs individuals on trusts, guardianship and social security will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in room 601  at Andover High.  Andover High is located at 1744 W. Andover Rd.
This workshop will help parents better understand the planning children may need during all stages of life.  Speaker Scott Adams, vice president of Special Needs Planning, will share his personal experiences as a father of three children with special needs and the steps he’s taken for his own children.  He’ll cover the following topics:  Social Security, Special Needs Trust, Post Education Planning, Basic Legal Needs, Continuity of Care and Independent Living.  Care and activities will be provided for children with special needs, and their siblings, during the presentation.
More activities will be held throughout the year at different locations in the county so all can have the opportunity to take part.
Registration for all activities is requested, but not required.  To register, or for questions, The Arc can be contacted at , by calling 316-706-1135 or on their Facebook page at