Days of service will continue

Hello Augusta!
So many great things are happening in Augusta. With the completion of our City budget, 2015 will include continued improvements in our parks, a new water line along Seventh Avenue to support the continued growth and improvements, and continued engineering and preparation for the El Dorado water line. Infrastructure needs, from roads to wastewater lines, will never cease. That’s why careful planning and budgeting are crucial in setting priorities and long-term plans for Augusta’s future. One of our strategic goals includes using GIS to map and rate all of our infrastructure.  With GIS technology, we are able to overlap infrastructure areas of most need and create the best approach for resolving the most pressing issues.
The life of a City, with its diverse services and people, is never dull. How I will miss serving our community as mayor! However, it is an honor to continue serving Augusta; along with Rose Hill, Douglass, and the surrounding communities; in a new capacity. As many are aware, I became the Representative Elect for the 77th District on August 5. To all those who provided their support, please know I am deeply grateful. For those who did not, hopefully I can win your support over time. Since the election, many have asked the next steps and how will the change affect Augusta’s governing body? So, here is the plan…
By State Statute, upon my resignation as mayor, the president of the council will assume the role as mayor and will exercise all the powers of that office until the next election for the office – which will be held in April 2015. Our council president is Matt Childers. Matt has served as council president for the past four years and has worked tirelessly to meet constituent needs, answer questions, and represent our community through his leadership on numerous non-profit boards.
Knowing the City of Augusta will be left in good hands, I will offer my resignation on Nov. 17th, the final meeting in November. By resigning at this time, I will be free to begin full preparation for the 2015 legislative session, including spending time in Topeka for Caucus meetings and training.
Though I will no longer be serving in the mayoral capacity, my days of service will continue. I remain your advocate, your voice, your neighbor and your friend. As always, thank you for the privilege of serving as your mayor and the privilege and honor to soon serve as your State Representative.