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Don’t citizens of the city of Augusta have any say or vote at all in who is to be elected as the next mayor of our town when Kristey leaves for a state office in Topeka?...Heaven forbid that someone “outside” the city council step in to take over.
Editor’s note: Per Kansas State Statute 12-10a04: Mayor and council, terms; vacancies, how filled.  “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of mayor, the president of the council, upon being qualified, shall become mayor until the next city general election and a mayor has been duly elected for the unexpired term and has qualified or a mayor has been duly elected for a full term and has qualified, as the case may be.”  You will be able to vote for your favorite candidate at the next city general election.  
I thought the idea some residents had about turning the vacant flood zone area near Garvin Park into a community garden area was an excellent idea!  Such a healthy and rewarding activity in so many ways for so many people.  Was very disappointed when a dog park  for that same area was mentioned.  If something like that is truly needed, which I doubt, it can be anyway besides that place.
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