Andover police recover stolen items

Andover police officers were able to recover several stolen items after a routine traffic stop on Sunday morning.
"The case started with a vehicle stop for a defect violation–no tag light," said Andover Chief of Police Michael Keller. "As the vehicle came through Andover westbound on US-54 at approximately 1:45 a.m., the officer spotted the violation and attempted to stop the vehicle.  The officer finally got the vehicle stopped near 143rd and US-54 and very quickly determined that the driver of the vehicle might be under the influence of alcohol."
Officers, after performing a field sobriety test, placed the suspect under arrest for DUI (driving under the influence), but the Wichita Police Department was also interested in the vehicle.
"The vehicle was suspected of being a vehicle that ran from them earlier in the evening," explained Keller. "However, after their arrival, the driver of the run vehicle could not be identified, therefore they could not file any type of charges."
The stop took another unexpected twist when the police investigated the car.
"A number of purses and several pieces of mail from various addresses in Wichita were located inside the vehicle," said Keller. “This property was seized and is being held until owners can be contacted."
The driver was arrested and booked into the Butler County Jail on DUI charges.