Welcoming Butler Community College athletes to town

The community joined together to welcome the Butler Community College athletes to town with a special lunch for the athletes and their families after the football scrimmage Saturday afternoon.
The idea was started by Chase Locke, and he was quickly joined by others.
“This started when I saw Coach (Troy) Morrell buying a bunch of hotdogs for the players at Dillons,” Locke said. “I gave him a buzz and said maybe I could get a couple buddies together and bring out a meal to the guys because I knew they were practicing around the clock.”
Locke posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone would like to help with side dishes.
“Quickly, people started tagging one another and then I had people contacting me and saying they wanted to help,” he said. “I called TC and said I have a lot of people who are wanting to help me put together a meal for the football team, maybe we could do it for all of the teams practicing right now.”
He agreed and Locke started taking donations of food at his office at Numana.
“Long story short, I thought it would just be a kind gesture to get a group of people together and give a meal to the athletes, say welcome to the community and let them know people care about them,” Locke said. “What was so cool about it was not everyone can do a lot and this was just something where everyone’s been drooping by the office stuff to help.”
He said a lot of people maybe can’t give a lot of money, but they can bring a batch of cookies or something.
They took that food and with the help of Mike McCoy, owner of the Real Deal Cafe at the Sale Barn, they cooked up the hotdogs and hamburgers Saturday morning and got everything else ready to go. The athletes each got a hot dog and hamburger, as well as a choice of a variety of sides and desserts.
Locke hopes to continue this effort and make it into a tradition each spring and fall.