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  • Many thanks to Stan (Augusta's man) for his work keeping the grass and weeds cut around the benches around the lake. Makes sitting around the lake watching the birds a real pleasure. His work and work of the city employees have kept the lake park as neat as possible all spring and summer. Thanks Stan and park guys!
    What happened to the much spoken theory that incumbents have the upper hand? Also, most always the candidate with the most funding wins. Your article, Mr. Bush, looks like you just want to bash the Tea Party. Mr. Bush, why not write about a lying president - one who was sworn to defend our constitution, but doesn’t - a president who picks and chooses that laws he wants to honor? Maybe even more important issues like the number of golf games he plays per world problems?
    Much to my dismay society has gotten to the point that front page news concerns Sunday beer sales. It scares me when we should be worried about such things as unemployment...hopefully the Lord will bring change and growth...peace, I hope for everybody.
    Why would Tea Partiers start a third political party? We and the old GOP have basically the same beliefs, with a little more conservatism and a lot more fight for what we believe in. The old GOP members are just riding out their retirement. WWJD? Jesus would probably agree with me - you do. You have no gray, nor do I. You just need to understand what you read. Rev. 3:16
    Will miss Kristey Williams as our mayor, but extremely pleased that Matt Childers will be taking the reins.
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