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On several issues I have tried to think as a liberal, trying to come  to the same conclusion as they.  After reading Mr. Bush as a “RINO,” I see my problem.  Liberals think in a gray area.  I, as an upright primate conservative, go on and work in a black/white concrete solution.  My Christian morals definitely lead me to only a black or white answer - no straddling the issue.  Black/white equal right/wrong nothing in between, no gray.
Although I am Republican, I some times enjoy and agree with Kent Bush.  Yes, it’s true.  I thoroughly enjoyed his “60 days as a RINO” article.  
I am very disappointed in my candidate of choice who did not win the primary.  He and some of his supporters have chosen the low road and are accusing the winner of outlandish crimes - which are obviously not believeable.   Seriously?  Can’t you just be a Christian - like you profess to be - and act honorably?  Your behavior has shown me that I voted for the wrong person.

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