This summer went by too fast

Every year every mother says it, but this year it is FOR REAL: the summer went by too fast. My crew and I had plans. Plans to make a new dessert every Wednesday, to enter the reading competition at the library, to tackle summer workbooks. But now we are less than a week out to school and that has smacked me in the guts. We didn’t complete those items on my list.
So I’m remembering what this summer was, instead of what we planned to but did not accomplish. Let’s end this thing with some reminiscing of the good sort.
>It was the summer of sleeping in. For the first summer in all of ever, my children learned to appreciate the simple joy of sleeping past 7:30. And so I slept past 7:30 and it was grand. Now, sadly, we must acclimate ourselves to early departures for school, but for a while it was good. Really good.
>It was the summer of Frozen. As I’m sure it was for a good number of you who have tiny people in your lives. The girls listened to the soundtrack on repeat in their bedroom, we all watched the TV in the living room and repeated lines and belted out songs in semi-unison.
>It was the summer of overeating. Last summer I was trying to once again comfortably wear the pants that had fit for a good five years, up until just after Christmas of 2012. So I worked out, cut calories and moved more, blah blah blah, everything the experts tell you to do, and once the pants fit again I figured, You know? There is a lot of yummy food in this world and it should be eaten.  So this summer I’ve been enjoying the yummy food. We won’t talk about the pants.
>It was the summer of HGTV. Because I can watch HGTV with little apprehension of an errant curse word flying across the screen or any plot line that is too amorous or too violent, HGTV is kind of my go-to TV watching when children are around. And we got sucked in, as you do, to every decision between House #1 and House #3, every discovery of leaking water behind a wall. My children know a good number of the shows by name, and that strikes a pang of grief in my husband.
>It was the summer of light. I have theories running through my brain about the whys of this, theories that I’m not sure are true, but whatever the reason, this summer has been lighter in our household. Slightly unreasonable requests that I’ve made of my children have been met with a nod and an easy “Okay!” Their skirmishes have been shorter and less intense. There are still fights that make my eyes cross and blood pressure rise, but for the most part their battles are shorter, less intense. It was good.

And so, Summer of 2014, you were not filled with as many homemade desserts or as many books from the library or any workbooks at all, but you were a good one. I will miss you.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three.  She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.