The lightning and wind storm Wednesday night caused a lot of property damage throughout the town of Augusta. A few of the high school's athletic fields were significantly damaged, as well.

One of the huge light posts at Rodney Wheeler Stadium, the Orioles' baseball field, was completely knocked down and fell and broke clear into shallow left field. The lights shattered as pieces were scattered all around the grass. Other individual lights fell and broke behind home plate as well as the visitor dugout.

Nearly the entire fence that runs around the outfield was blown over, as well. Winds were strong enough to carry it all the way from left field across to the visitor dugout. Some of the poles that held up the fence were knocked down, as well.

Insurance adjusters will look at the damage to give an estimate of the repair costs.

Large chunks of tree branches around the concession stand ripped apart. Several branches of trees on the Augusta Country Club golf course (right next to the baseball diamond) were scattered through some of the course holes, as well.

At the Augusta Softball Complex, not as much damage was done. The batting catch blew over, and several garbage cans were blown over as trash scattered, but no major structural damage was apparent.