Release of county's voting results need to be quicker

People spend so much time wringing their hands about how many people will vote in an election that they forget to monitor how the results are released.
In Butler County, the turnout was low but the results still took more than four hours to pry out of the computerized voting devices.
One precinct in Whitewater caused the problem. It wasn’t the precinct’s fault, merely a software issue.
However, because of that one precinct, results from across the county were delayed until after 11 p.m.
The voters in this county deserve better. The candidates deserve better. This county’s election officials have a challenge to improve this process and deliver results in a manner befitting 2014 technology before November’s General election.
The governor’s race looks like it might be a close one. Can you imagine if the entire state is waiting on Butler County results until almost midnight to declare a winner. That’s not the image Butler County wants to present.
Any precincts without significant issues post the results from that location soon after voting ends.
The county needs to make sure those results are released as soon as possible even if the complete totals aren’t ready to be released.