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  • I live near Garvin Park and I have to disagree with the person who wrote in and said the park and lake look well kept. The brush around the lake and Elm Creek are hideous. Parts of the park and the vacant lots owned by the City look like they need baled after they have been quickly mowed. The dam looks atrocious with dead clumps of grass and tall missed spots. I am not sure what park the other person was looking at,but the one in my backyard that I see every day is an eyesore.
    I have to agree with the person who wrote in about the motorized wheelchair/scooter. I am not sure why the '"Scooter Buddies" are still allowed on the city streets to cause traffic problems when William was no longer allowed to drive his cart to WORK and was forced to spend a lot of money on a street legal vehicle. Why is it okay for the "Scooter Buddies" to be on the streets while a working, productive member of society isn't?
    Thanks to the kind ladies at the Ward 2 voting poll, the First Baptist Church (Augusta). They were very helpful and made the experience enjoyable. Thanks, ladies!
    Kent, you are correct - there are no simple answers, we can only try to do the right thing for the children. In Utica,NY, we have children from Ireland who have host families, we also have fresh-air kids up from the city for the summer vacation. Who knows maybe something like that could be done.....I would be willing to have some little guest for as long as, oh well say, as long as it takes...10 - 20 years...
    The losers are going to be complaining about the government the next four years and they will be oblivious to the fact that their vote on Tuesday, or their non-vote, had just returned to office the incumbents who had, with others, made the mess we have today...so, I don’t want to hear any complaints about the “doings and going on” in Washington or Topeka. You voters and non-voters had the chance to put the right people in office and once again, you muffed it.
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