Total cost of the new software for the County Attorney’s office is $171,802

Following several weeks of discussion, the Butler County Commission was ready to make a final decision regarding the purchase of new software for the Butler County Attorney, Sheriff and Detention Center offices during their meeting Tuesday morning.
The software for the County Attorney’s office, New Dawn, was brought before the commission by County Attorney Darrin Devinney.
“We’ve met on this issue twice before: on July 1 and July 8,” began Devinney. “Following our last meeting, the Butler County Technology Committee went back  to look at different funds as possible funding sources for the purchase. There are some funds we just cannot tap into, but they were able to find several that would meet our needs.”
The total cost of the new software for the County Attorney’s office is $171,802.
“The committee has been able to find some additional funds in order to raise the money for the whole purchase of the software. Those funds include $127,000 from the CIP’s General Fund Reserve, $20,000 from the Sheriff Reserve and $58,000 from the Jail Detention Facility Reserve. The diversion fund will contribute $106,400 for the purchase as well as other funds including the Sheriff’s Concealed Carry Fund, which is contributing $30,000.”
The Technology Committee has weighed the purchase of the new software for the past several weeks.
“The Technology Committee has met several times about this purchase,” explained Devinney. “They know the purchase is not just about the numbers and they have considered both the positives and negatives of this software change.”
The purchase of the system will greatly increase the efficiency of the departments.
“The commission stated the desire to move toward a PC-based system and away from the AS400,” said Devinney. “There are many benefitting factors to moving toward this new system. Currently, we do not have access to a system which would allow us to do electronic reporting. Allowing this access to the system will help to push the notification of warrants to dispatchers. The county’s dispatch is already on the New World system. Chris Davis has always been very pleased with that system. He feels that they are a very trustworthy vendor that has provided them with a lot of support.”
While the technology committee is dedicated to completing tasks frugally, their opinions on the need for new software is not unresearched.
“I think I’d be failing if I didn’t mention the technology committee is comprised of a sample of virtually everyone that will be touched by this technology,” Devinney went on. “We’ve done everything possible to comply with the requests of the commission including getting rid of the AS400 system. We’ve combed through every possible funding course the county has to offer and we have also taken bids in order to try and be responsible. From the committee’s perspective, we strongly urge the commission to approve the purchase of this software. This will be a great benefit to the county as a whole.”
In order to further prove his point, Devinney spoke on the needs of the county for accurate and complete information, which is not provided by the current system.
“When the sheriff’s department came to the commission to request the hiring of four more officers, their statistics were incomplete,” said Devinney. “They were constructed through a painstaking, time-consuming way, and they did their best to make them as accurate as possible. In order to gain this data, they had to go through calls made to dispatch and utilize that avenue to gather information. They have a need for accurate information because they have to prove a need for crime prevention. Simply put, the new software will eliminate these types of information gaps and we will be able to utilize that data to inform the public at large. This is a responsible software package with some great features.”
“I’m please there has been a gathering of funding sources,” commented Commissioner Ed Myers. “It demonstrates a strong commitment from departments who are slated to the users of the software.”
Commissioner Dan Woydziak moved and the commission approved the purchase of A New World and A New Dawn for $487,292 with a vote of 5-0.
The commission also:
• approved the request for a change of district classification located at 8415 SW 60th from D-6D to R-6C.
• approved the request for a change of district classification located at 3521 N. Ohio St. in Augusta from D-6D to R-6C.
• approved the renewal of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program for the City of Benton.
• approved the authorization for the Emergency Communications Director to make the payment of $15,594 for software maintenance.
• received and opened sealed bids for the purchase of corrugated metal pipe culverts for the Highway Division of the Public Works Department.

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