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Other winners in local elections Tuesday evening included:
Augusta Township Clerk - Joe Linot (D)
Benton Township Clerk - Cale Stephens ((R))
Bloomington Township Clerk - Juanita Sowers ((R))
Bruno Township Clerk - Tom Thomas  ((R))
Chelsea Township Clerk - John Scribner (R)
Clay Township Clerk - Cheryl Harrod (R)
Clifford Township Clerk - Marlin Thiessen (R)
Douglass Township Clerk - A. Phil Anderson (R)
El Dorado Township Clerk - Bruce Miller (R)
Fairmont Township Clerk - Dalen Wiebe (R)
Fairview Township Clerk - Jim Tillotson
Glencoe Township Clerk - Allene Penwell (D)
Hickory Township Clerk - Ronald Peters (R)
Lincoln Township Clerk - Barry Black (D)
Little Walnut Township Clerk - Robert Minard
Logan Township Clerk - John Britt
Pleasant Township Clerk - Julie Winslow (R) won over Hallie Armstrong (R); 51 percent to 49 percent
Plum Grove Township Clerk - Arthur Claassen (R)
Prospect Township Clerk - Richard Glaves (R)
Richland Township Clerk - Gerald Staab (R)
Rock Creek Township Clerk - Pat Doyle (R)
Rosalia Township Clerk - Chris Greenwell (R)
Spring Township Clerk - Kathryn James (D); Michelle Lasiter (R)
Walnut Township Clerk - Chris McClure
August City W1 precinct committeeman - Eric Birk (R)
Augusta City W2 precinct committeeman - Gary Rogers (R)
Augusta City W3 precinct committeeman - Gerald Stich (R)
Augusta City W4 precinct committeeman - Anthony Wilhite (R)
El Dorado City W1 precinct committeeman - Richard King (R) won over Marc Bachman (R); 62 percent to 38 percent
El Dorado City W2 precinct committeeman - Steve Little (D); Gerald Owen (R) won over James Powell (R); 52 percent to 47 percent
El Dorado City W# precinct committeeman - Timothy Engels (R) won over Scott Stoskopf (R); 62 percent to 37 percent
El Dorado City W4 precinct committeeman - Glenn Hobson (D) won over Peter Storandt (D); 68 percent to 31 percent; Kendall Hall (R) won over Daniel Fechter (R); 50.31 percent to 49.69 percent
Benton City/Township precinct committeeman - Louis Harrison (D)
Cassoday/Sycamore Township precinct committeeman - Howard Johnson (R)
Douglass City/Township precinct committeeman - Levi Granger (R)
El Dorado/Fairmount Township precinct committeeman - Stuart Holmes (R)
Pleasantview Township precinct committeeman - Quentin Nusz (R)
Potwin/Plum Grove precinct committeeman - William Busenitz (R)
Prospect Township precinct committeeman - Bruce Samuel Carr (D); Harold Cooper (R)
Rock Creek Township precinct committeeman - Don Logsdon (D)
Rosalia Township precinct committeeman - Stanley Blaine Watts (D); Mac Masterson (R)
Towanda City/Township precinct committeeman - Don Engels (R)
Augusta Township 14 precinct committeeman - Matt Engels (R)
Chelsea Township precinct committeeman - Tim Harder (R)
Clifford Township precinct committeeman - Cecil Wiebe (R)
El Dorado Township West precinct committeeman - Steve Finley (R)
Fairview Township precinct committeeman - Chris Good (R)
Murdock precinct committeeman - Jim Pearce (R)
Richland Township  precinct committeeman - Ron Long (R)
Spring Township  precinct committeeman - John Provorse (R) won over Henry Ratcliff (R); 54 percent to 46 percent
Andover City W1  precinct committeeman - Ron Roberts (R) won over Gary Robinson (R) and Harry Hale (R); 42, 30 and 28 percent
Andover City W2  precinct committeeman - John Laffen (R)
Andover City W3  precinct committeeman - Ty Masterson (R)
Bruno Township North 77  precinct committeeman - Peter Cook (R)
Milton Township 75  precinct committeeman - Bud Schwindt (R)
Augusta City W2  precinct committeewoman - Beverly Steiner (R) won over Myrna Rogers (R); 56 percent to 44 percent
El Dorado City W1 precinct committeewoman - Linda June Cummins (D)
El Dorado City W2 precinct committeewoman - Keri Ratliff (D)
El Dorado City W3 precinct committeewoman - Suzanne Scribner (D) won over Margie Call; 67 percent to 33 percent; Sherri Engels (R) won over Paula Stoskopf (R); 62 percent to 37 percent
El Dorado City W4 precinct committeewoman - Ruth Fechter (R)
Benton City/Township precinct committeewoman – Elizabeth Bush (D)
Cassoday/Sycamore Township precinct committeewoman - Melanie Johnson (R)
Douglass City/Township precinct committeewoman - Jo Ann Turkett (D); Brenda Granger (R)
Elbing City/Fairmount Township precinct committeewoman - Carolyn Holmes (R)
Potwin/Plum Grove precinct committeewoman - Grace Busenitz (R)
Towanda City/Township precinct committeewoman - Susan Engels (R)
Whitewater/Milton precinct committeewoman - Glenda Reynolds (D)
Fairview Township precinct committeewoman - Lois Friesen (D); Marsha Good (R)
Rock Creek Township precinct committeewoman - Debbie Logsdon (D)
Rosalia Township precinct committeewoman - Brenda Marilyn Watts (D)
Chelsea Township precinct committeewoman - Brenda Harder (R)
Clifford Township precinct committeewoman - Jacquelyn Wiebe (R)
El Dorado Township West precinct committeewoman - Alice Finley (R)
Murdock precinct committeewoman - Elizabeth Pearce (R)
Pleasantview Township precinct committeewoman - Angela Nusz (R) won over Julie Winslow (R); 51.14 percent to 48.86 percent
Richland Township precinct committeewoman - Diana Long (R)
Spring Township precinct committeewoman - Barb Ratcliff (R)
Andover City W1 precinct committeewoman - Caroline Hale (R) won over Carol Roberts (R); 53.51 to 46.49 percent
Andover City W2 precinct committeewoman - Marci Laffen (R)
Andover City W3 precinct committeewoman - Marlo Masterson
Bruno Township North 77 - Debra Luper (R)
Milton Township 75 precinct committeewoman - Liz Schwindt
District Court Judge District 13 - Jan Satterfield (R) and Mike Ward (R)

Leon sales tax vote
Leon voters approved a one cent sales tax with a vote of 70.77 votes in favor. The sales tax was proposed to used for street repairs.

Augusta Mayor
Augusta Mayor Kristey Williams won the House of Representatives seat.
She will continue to serve as mayor through the first meeting in January, at which time she will resign as mayor. Then the Council President Matt Childers will take over until the elections in April.