Bob Gould won't face charges for sexual battery

A former teacher and coach at Andover Central High School won’t face charges for sexual battery after he agreed to give up his teaching license.
Andover Municipal Court Prosecutor Cami Baker said an agreement was reached with Bob Gould that would dismiss charges against him.
“Mr. Gould has signed a statement to be filed with the Kansas State Board of Education to voluntarily surrender his teaching license,” Baker said. “The charge against him is being dismissed.”
Gould was fired from Andover Central High School after the charges arose on Dec. 19, 2013. Gould admitted to going to the home of a former student – a 19-year old female – when her parents were not home during the school day.
According to public records, the young woman initially didn’t want to pursue charges to cause trouble for Gould or draw attention to herself. She decided to go ahead with the charges in order to make sure what she said happened to her didn’t happen to someone else in the future, according to the report.
The victim said she had run into Gould, who had been her coach and teacher, at a basketball game and he soon made contact with her via text message and Facebook. The two arranged a meeting over Facebook and Gould left the school at about 9:30 a.m. to go to her home where she was by herself.
She alleged he sat close to her and immediately began touching her inappropriately, at one point trying to feel her breast over and under her shirt. She extracted herself from the situation and made it clear she had a boyfriend and he was married.
According to the reports, he hugged her and kissed her twice on the cheek before leaving to go back to the school to administer final exams.
During the investigation, Andover Police Officers said Gould repeatedly expressed his regret and said nothing sexual was ever going to happen because he felt bad about it before it went too far. When investigators asked him if more victims were going to come forward, Gould said nothing like this had ever happened before.
However, calls to districts where Gould worked before coming to Andover Central revealed some questionable events in his past.
The Superintendent from Marais des Cygnes Valley Schools in Melvern, Kan. – where Gould worked from 1986-1993 - told investigators he would only release public records about Gould’s termination in November of 1993 without a subpoena, but reportedly told them to check with the Oskaloosa District for more information. Another former Melvern administrator told police Gould had been accused of walking up behind female students and massaging their shoulders. This administrator said Gould was terminated after allegedly giving a 16-year-old girl a birthday card that said, “Sweet 16 and never been kissed” before shutting a classroom door and kissing her. Despite his termination, police were never called about the 1993 event.
The charge of sexual battery is a misdemeanor that was being adjudicated through municipal court in Andover.
Instead of pursuing a hearing that may or may not have resulted in a conviction, the prosecutor opted for an agreement that dismissed the charge but permanently removes Gould from teaching and coaching.

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