Twenty-four contestants competed for titles in the Miss Frontier Pageant on Thursday.

Twenty-four contestants competed for titles in the Miss Frontier Pageant on Thursday.

Before the festivities began, the group performed a dance routine before 2014 Miss Frontier Seirra Bonn was introduced to perform the National Anthem on her violin. Afterwards, the girls took the stage to model their western wear and introduce the audience to their various platforms, which ranged from breast cancer prevention and education to autism awareness.

Emcees Chase Locke and Cathy Carrier took a few moments to speak about the tradition of the pageant.

"This is the third year that I've had the opportunity to be a part of this pageant and the first two years I was sitting in a judge's seat and I have to say it is much easier speaking on stage than it is down there," said Carrier. “These girls are absolutely precious. We watched them in rehearsals earlier and they were all just glowing."

"We just wanted to thank a few people who are responsible for making everything happen," added Locke. "They've been working hard on this pageant in the past couple months and weeks. Director of the Miss Frontier Western Celebration Pageant for the third year, Miss Briana McBride; her co-director Jennifer Joiner; and the new official score accountant, Melody Curnutt."

The emcees also took a few moments to recognize the judges: Meeghan Dunleavy, also known as Ms. Kansas United States 2014; Lindsay Cunningham, Ms. Oklahoma United States 2014; and former director of Cutest Kansas Kids and the owner of Suddenly Sweet, Cindy Sutton.

They also took an opportunity to explain Miss Photogenic.

"Every girls' photo was posted on the Frontier Western Celebration Web site and was given one week of voting," explained Carrier. "The winner will be announced at the end of the pageant."

Before the talent portion of the pageant began, Bonn once again took the stage to speak on the importance of platforms.

"I had a great time spreading awareness of my platform this year," began Bonn. "My platform is GPS: goals promote success, which is a program that I started while being a senior girl scout. I plan on finishing that project later this month. My project provides direction by building awareness, education and empowerment through setting and achieving smart goals."

She went on to explain that setting smart goals for herself and encouraging her peers to do the same, they were able to achieve greater success than they would have if they had not taken the time to set goals.

Following the modeling of the formal wear, the Miss Frontier and Miss Teen contestants were each asked a question for the interview portion of the competition.

After a performance by special guests Good Spirits's Chad Dawson and Tim Voyles, the winners were crowned.

The Mini Princess runner up was Kardyn Nielsen and the Miss Frontier Mini Princess title was won by Kimber Dorey.

The Little Princess runner up was Makell Crenshaw and the Miss Frontier Little Princess title was won by Riley Bump.

In the Princess category, contestant Lauren Mason was runner up and the title of Miss Frontier Princess went to Madison Yordy.

Kenna Meyer was crowned runner up for Miss Teen and the title of Miss Frontier Teen was given to Destiny Lawrence, who also won Miss Photogenic.

The runner up in the Miss Frontier category was Lexi Robertson and the title of Miss Frontier was given to Allison McKibban.