Butler Community College urgent construction matter

An urgent construction matter involving the roof of the 1100 Building at Butler Community College was the cause of a special meeting for the Butler County Board of Trustees on Tuesday evening. The Trustees, who have been carefully selecting certain construction projects throughout the campus, were notified of the need of a replacement for the building.
“The roof of the 1100 Building is requiring replacement,” explained Butler President Dr. Kim Krull. “The roof was recommended for replacement by the Benchmark survey, which was completed in January of 2013, and this project is part of the Campus Wide Master Roofing Plan.”
She went on to explain the original estimates for the project were set at $150,000, but the bids came in much higher than estimated.
“At first, we thought the replacement of the roof would be fairly typical,” explained Krull. “But when the bidders went in to inspect the roof more thoroughly, they discovered that would not be the case. The higher than estimated bids are due to: the need to raise the roof structure, the need to move other equipment currently attached to the roof, the removal of the existing layers of the roof due to code requirements and the addition of insulation.”
The overall breakdown of the lowest bid received will be: $27,000 to the new rigid roofing structure and tapering, $85,000 for new mechanical and electrical roof equipment and $132,990 for the removal and replacement of the current roofing structure.”
The Trustees began to show concern over the dramatic rise in cost.
“What I find interesting is that all these changes are things that should have been found in the very beginning,” commented Trustee Jim Howell. “Typically speaking, you don’t bid unless you are already aware of all of these underlying problems already.”
“The higher cost of the roof is because of the fact that the roof does not meet the current building code,” said Krull. “There are currently no overflow drains and because of the shape of the roof, they cannot be added. Their solution will be to change the pitch of the roof to eliminate the need for the roof drains and it will be a tapered rigid roof. The insulation will also add cost to the project, but it will benefit the building. The replacement of mechanical equipment will also be a major addition, but if the roof is raised and the pitch is changed, the equipment will have to be replaced to stabilize it.”
The Trustees decided the best solution was to wait and gather more information.
“I’d like to know what kind of warranty Larry Walty Roofing, Inc. will be giving us,” said Trustee Candace Kunkel. “I’d also like to know if there is a specific kind of room we can install that will give us more durability.”
“I’d like to know if there is a type of roof that we can install that will cause our insurance premiums to drop,” added Wilson. “I’d also like to know what types of materials they’ll be using and if they’re subcontracting out the heating and air conditioning portion.”
“If this bid is approved, Larry Walty, Inc. will begin the project on Aug. 11, which is the day before our next meeting,” said Krull.
“It’s difficult to make decisions if we feel like we don’t have all the information,” said Trustee Chair Tom McKibban.
The decision was tabled until the Trustee’s next meeting on Aug. 12.
The trustees also:
• appointed and swore in new Trustee JoAnn Craven.
• approved the notice of public hearing for the fiscal year 2015 legal and operating budgets.
• approved the TAACCT Telepresence Equipment and Implementation Service grant to be spent as: CDW-G: $735,515.20; ISD, Inc. $688,349.10; Sirius Computer Solutions: $632,978.24.
• approved Get Inclusive for the Title IX Training.
• approved the new harassment and violence policy for employees and the new gender based harassment and violence policy for students.