Blue ribbon tomato

A large number of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other produce were entered into this year’s Butler County 4-H Fair, but none were as large as the tomato entered by Renata Goossen, from North Butler 4-H Club.
Goossen entered the largest tomato contest.
“I saw the winner last year and it was kind of small,” she said. “I thought I could beat that.”
She entered the contest for the first time this year.
Goossen planted her Beef Master tomato plant from seed. She planted it in a raised bed in her garden and put mulch around it.
“I just made sure I watered it everyday and took care of the plant,” she said.
She said she watched it closely to make sure it was not eaten. The plant grew to seven feet tall.
“I was worried because of the cold and the tomatoes were not ripening,” she said.
But it warmed up and the tomatoes started ripening.
Her largest tomato measured 1 pound 5 ounces, 4 ounces larger than the next largest tomato entered.
Goossen said she had a couple of other tomatoes that were close to the same size, but this one was the largest.
“I was really excited,” she said of winning. “I was hoping to win it.”

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