Todd Tiahrt spoke at an event Saturday held at Prairie Rose Chuckwagon

After an introduction by Mrs. Kansas 2000 and 2002 Dana Werts and some comments by Vicki Tiahrt, Todd Tiahrt, candidate for 4th District House of Representatives, talked to those attending the event at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Saturday afternoon.
After Tiahrt spent 16 years representing the constituents in the 4th District, he decided to try for a change.
"I thought if I moved to the Senate I could be more effective," Tiahrt said. "God had another idea."
After that election, Tiarht started a business helping companies deal with governmental regulations.
He was in Colorado working with a business there.
"I felt something going on in Kansas and God was talking to us," he said.
He started hearing from elected officials who were concerned they were not being heard from their current representative. Then citizens started talking to him.
He said when Mike Pompeo was elected to his House seat, he gave him advice, but Pompeo only followed about 20 percent of it.
"I saw the deterioration of a lot of hard work," he said.
And on May 29, he started campaigning.
Tiarht said there were three reasons he was running.
"This has to be about people," he said, explaining it can't be about money.
"I am trying to make sure the people get represented," he continued. "Today, unless you are a lobbyist, no one listens to you. There are more people in this room who can vote than all of the billionaires in the 4th District. We're bringing this back to the people. I don't want the election bought."
His second reason for running was the local economy.
He said to him it was struggling, unless a person is into oil, then they are doing pretty well.
He said airplane companies are struggling, and the farmers probably don't like the Farm Bill.
"More than 80 percent of the Farm Bill never gets out of the city limits," he said. "The real challenge for farmers is EPA regulations. They could be stopped."
He gave the example of the cow gas tax and said he put a phrase in saying the EPA cannot sponge money on livestock production. He said now they want to regulate water.
"This is the federal government growing way outside it's scope," he said.
Tiahrt said on the day the House voted on an amendment limiting the EPA, Pompeo was not there, missing 23 votes.
The third concern was the federal economy.
He said the federal economy shrunk 2.9 percent the first quarter this year.
Tiarht pointed out several reasons it is not growing, including taxes are high, there are too many new regulations and the need for low-cost, stable energy supplies.
He said there was need for oil, gas, coal and wind energy.
He believes Obamacare is a terrible system that will crush the economy.
"When Pompeo voted seven times to fully fund the federal government, did he fund Obamacare?" he asked. "Yes.
"We need to do something about health care."
He said there was a need to protect those with pre-existing conditions and he believes there needs to be a marketplace.
He pointed out in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 they balanced the budget.
"I know how to balance the federal budget," Tiahrt said.
He then took several questions from those attending.
The first asked about what committees he would serve on if elected.
He said he had served on the Appropriation Committee and he would like to be on there again because they control the pursue strings to the federal government.
He said the way they can make changes is through the purse strings.
"Obamacare has 10,000 IRS agents involved," Tiahrt said. "I think there should be no IRS agents in healthcare."
He said he would defund Obamacare.
"Let's de-militarize the federal agencies," he added.
The next question was if he was in favor of the fair tax.
Tiahrt said he was because right now the IRS has become too large. Doing away with the IRS code would mean repealing the 16th Amendment, which he said could be difficult.
"The fair tax would be the best thing for the economy," Tiahrt said.
He also was asked about the Veterans Administration.
"To me it's unacceptable to treat our veterans as second class citizens," he said.
He said they should not be put a waiting list for healthcare, rather given a voucher to go to another hospital for care. He also said they should shorten the waiting time on paperwork.
Next he was asked if Obamacare would be the same problem as the VA.
"I think we are seeing early signs Obamacare would be the same kind of bureaucratic mess," he said, saying their would be waiting lines and not as good of care.
The next question asked where he would start with cuts.
He said they should freeze the government where it is and if someone leaves, not replace them. He also thought they should go through regulations and put them through a cost-benefit analysis, getting rid of any that have more cost than benefit. The third thing he said they could do was have every regulation come back for a vote to the House and Senate.
"Now they are writing regulations as if they are law," he said.
One specific place he would like to cut is the Department of Education, which he said was only putting more regulations on teachers.
"I think Common Core is a disaster for education," he said. "I would rather let states distribute funding (for education)."
The next question was on immigration.
"Obama is considering broad actions through executive orders," Tiahrt said.
Tiahrt said when he was in Congress they had a physical fence in construction, along with electronic fences in the remote areas.
"When Obama became president, he cancelled all those contracts," Tiahrt said. The current problem is crested by the administration. I think the busses are running the wrong way. They should return the kids to their parents in their home country."
He also was asked about House Speaker John Boehner and if he would support him being in charge again.
Tiarht said the last time the choose was Boehner or Nancy Pelosi, so he made the best choice he could.
"I think he has been a failure on withholding funds from the president," he said.
He also told of one bill he put on the floor that only got 28 Republican votes, saying Boehner should have support before putting bills on the floor.
"I wouldn't support him again," Tiahrt said. "If you give the president money, you're supposed to get something back for it."
The next question was on the NSA spying on people and how he is different from Pompeo on this issue.
"I am opposed to having access to private information," he said. "This privacy issue started several years ago."
He said he wrote an amendment once preventing the federal government from releasing private information on gun owners.
He said now they say they are listing to calls and reading emails.
"The government has to prove you are tied to terrorism," he continued. "Under Obama they have greeted expanding listening to 80 percent of our phone calls."
Tiahrt said he would defund the NSA until that was changed.
He salsa said Pompeo said the government was not listing but in April General James Clapper said they are listening to phone calls.
"Congressman Massie attempted to close the back door and Pompeo voted no," he said.
Tiahrt explained the NSA budget in $31 billion a year and 75 percent of that goes to private contractors who have lobbyists.
"My view is he is getting contributions from big companies with NSA and it has clouded his judgement," Tiahrt said.
The next question was on treason by the president, asking if Obama asking people to bring their children up was treason.
"I think there is a long list of things," he said, mentioning the administration selling guns to the drug cartels in Fast and Furious.
"The government thinks they tell us how to live our lives and we send representatives up there who got caught up in that. We've asked too little from our representatives. We've asked too little from our senators.
He went on to talk about  bill about labeling GMSs.
He said Pompeo voted for a bill saying you cannot make businesses label GMOs, but it does have regulations for organic and natural food producers labels.
"It is crony capitalism," Tiahrt said. "It is violating the 10th Amendment."
The final question was on Tiahrt's views on impeachment.
"I impeached a president once," Tiahrt said, referring to Bill Cinton, "but the Senate did not convict him."
He said as far as Obama goes, he did not think they would be able to impeach him.

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