Folks in Butler County are well acquainted with day trips for motorcycle riders.

Folks in Butler County are well acquainted with day trips for motorcycle riders. Many do it on a regular basis to Cassoday for breakfast. But one Rose Hill man is taking the motorcycle day-trip to an entirely new level.

Steve Anderson, known by the nickname “Steamboat,” is writing a book about 21 motorcycle tours a person can complete in a single day. There are trips he has mapped out all over the country, with each trip ending in a visit to a craft brewery.

“I am a pretty avid motorcycle person. I have been riding since 1996,” said Anderson. “My wife and I used to pack up the kids and go to Sturgis every year. We spent quite a few vacations up there.”

It was while he was in the Black Hills on vacation Anderson got the idea for writing a book on motorcycle tours across the United States. Anderson grew up in the area and knows all of the roads-less-traveled, and all off the good places to stop and have a brew.

“The Black Hills is one of my 21 routes. It is 200 miles long, starting in Wyoming and ending up at the Crow Peak Brewery,” said Anderson. “There are several stops including Devils tower, and the most beautiful spot in the Black Hills, Spear Fish Canyon.”

Anderson, who is a retired technical writer for Boeing, submitted a writing sample and his idea to several publishers, all of whom loved it. He also contacted all of the microbreweries to let them know he is coming and he will be featuring them in his book.

“I drink for quality more than quantity,” said Anderson. “Making a route that was a full-day ride, and the final destination ending up at a brewery where people could celebrate their ride, just seemed perfect.”

Anderson said he will be rating and meeting up with each brew mister and writing about the uniqueness and the styles of their beers and their breweries.

He left on his journey on Sunday headed to his first route, which begins in Minnesota. He expects to return by Thanksgiving. His routes cover just about all of the states from as far west as California to as far east as Maine. He decided on 21, to mirror the Tour de France, which has 21 stages.

“In the pacific routes you will see Yosemite, Yellow Stone, the Sequoias,” said Anderson. “If you take these 21 stages you will be the one who discovers America.”

People can follow along as Anderson explores the United State on his motorcycle via social media. He can be found at steamboat_96 on Twitter, and Steamboat Pubs on Facebook.

“I will have a go-pro attached to my engine guard and will have video and photos from each route I will post and will do some tweeting when I can,” he said.

Before he left, Anderson signed with a publisher. His book will be titled “The Alternate Compass, A Craft Course on an Iron Horse.”