I have known Larry Dedeke more than 40 years. He's an honest and decent man. Bruce Wiley recently printed an untruth about Larry. He used the lie to initiate a hit-piece against Tony Barton, knowing the accusation to be completely untrue.
Larry removed himself from the 41st House district race for reasons of health and family matters, not because he was driven out by some malevant right-wing conspiracy Wiley hallucinates about. Larry certainly hasn't hidden the facts about his withdrawal. He sent letters to people, returning campaign funds, that clearly stated his reasons.
What's really shocking is that Larry told Wiley personally of his reasons for removing himself from the race in a phone call initiated by Wiley.
And yet, after the fact, Wiley intentionally chose to mislead people in the Leavenworth Times about it, to initiate a political hit piece against Tony Barton, knowing full well what he wrote was completely untrue. Larry is quite unhappy about his name being used in an obviously slanderous attack piece against Tony Barton, whom Larry knows personally. Tony is a perfect target for negative attacks as he won't respond in kind. Tony will not participate in a negative campaing, nor tolerate his campaign people doing that.
I strongly suggest Wiley, and the Bauder campaign, in whose interests this was clearly written, print retractions, and soon. But even if they do, you can't unring the bell. The foul deed is done.
We all know of Wiley's propensity to write in claiming to be a Republican and then bad mouthing all of them in a 50-mile radius. He does it all the time. But he now appears to have been handed the role of public attack dog for ther Bauder campaign, and been given special editorial page treatment for that purpose. In Bauder's name, he just attempted to turn the Barton/Bauder campaign fully negative.
His hit piece about Tony Barton shows just what the local political left thinks of a decent, honest black fellow running for office. The liberal, lily white woman gets their backing and Tony gets their vicious attacks. I hope our black voters take notice of what was just done to a very fine fellow working hard to be elected to public office. They certainly should.
Tony Barton's yard signs come about the same way as any other campaign signs, including Bauder's, from contributions of citizens backing him for election. But, according to Wiley, there's something sinister about it. That's all in Wiley's head, along with many other silly notions.
The plausible reason Bauder has few signs out is few people seem to support her. She doesn't campaign at all. Mreanwhile, Tony Barton has made himself very available to the voters. He's personally visited many, many homes in the 41st district speaking openly of his thoughts and beliefs, while Bauder doesn't. People agree with Tony's beliefs and volunteer to have the signs in their yards, many, many of them. It would be good if the underhanded shenanigans with Barton signs would be stopped by the Bauder campaign. They have been told of them.
One candidate is working hard, in a positive manner, for voter support, while the other doesn't. The Barton campaign is positive, while Wiley turns the Bauder campaign into attacks and slanders. Wiley's message seems clear, why show Tony Barton any respect when slander is so easy.
The Wiley hit piece, and that's exactly what is was, spouts all manner of unfounded innuendos and crazy accusations about Tony Barton, and nearly all Republicans in the area, myself included, treat them as such and consider the source. Consider that this seems to be the desperate act of a lazy campaign playing catchup, by making use of vicious accusations, whithout care if there is any truth to them or not.
The spurious whines about myself and others being foaming at the mouth religious fanatics would seem truly funny if they weren't delivered with such gross animosity toward us, and Christianity in general. Those who know me know that religious fanaticism certainly isn't part of my makeup. Such attacks aren't relevant, and shouldn't be part of an honest campaign, but Wiley brings them anyway, attempting to slanderously discredit anyone he associates with Tony Barton.
The Barton campaign folks, and myself, have kept on the positive side. Tony Barton wouldn't participate in, nor tolerate, a negative slander campaign. He's made that very clear. I recommend Bauder and her supporters be careful what they ask for by their actions. They just showed quite well what they're made of.
If Bauder wants an excreta slinging contest, she could very well see herself the target of one if she doesn't repudiate the claims of the left's favorite attack dog in this area. Tony Barton wouldn't ever participate in such a thing, but that screed outraged many people who might not be so nice as Tony.
While the political left cries don't label or name call people, they go right about doing just that, intentionally, falsely, and with unbridled viciousness.
Don't reward them for it.