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I was driving around with the fuel gauge on empty, so after church I stopped off and put $10 worth of gas in my truck.  That $10 didn’t even put enough gas into the tank to make the “low fuel” light go off!
Sheriff Herzet's  proposal to add four new deputies is a disappointment to me as a taxpayer.  They are the lowest paid employees, not just Butler County, but also in the metro region, not having had a pay raise in at least 5 years, with deputies starting out at just over $13.30 an hour.  On top of that they did have raises that were approved for this year, but in order to be eligible for the raise, deputies have to get an overall "exceptional" rating on their performance review, and from what it sounds like, it is completely unreachable by any deputy to achieve that rating. To me this is unacceptable,  I think the $400,000 dollar cost would be better spent raising the pay of the current deputies. Take care of the deputies you have now, then worry about spending money on "specialized positions" such as the Sheriff proposed.  
My eyes are beginning to glaze over every time I hear a Kansas politician claim to be more conservative (and Christian) than his opponent.
Why brag  about being ultra -conservative?  I visualize a  this type of person winning a multi-million dollar lottery and then whine about paying taxes and later yelling  at a homeless, shoeless man for not picking himself up by his bootstraps.
Hey, city employees driving around town in trucks - be an example and slow down and show some manners, please!

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