The first day of the three-day event known as Camp Dala Days was yesterday at Swensson Park in Lindsborg.

The first day of the three-day event known as Camp Dala Days was yesterday at Swensson Park in Lindsborg. Ten children gathered for the first-ever Camp Dala Days organized by Lindsborg Recreation Director Kate Elliott and Bethany College student and camp coordinator Mari Jordan.
The campers began their day with nature arts and crafts, allowing their surrounding to inspire their creations. Nature paintings were done out of leaves, sticks and rocks.
While their art projects dried, the children played a game of boys versus girls hide-and-seek as well as a few makeshift games of touch football, basketball and catch.
Once the sun came out, the children engaged in a much-anticipated water fight.
“They all seem to be looking forward to the water fight,” Elliott said as multiple children asked when they were going to get to squirt each other.
The water fight included kids using giant super soaker guns and others shooting people with a pistol in each hand.
“I enjoy running around with the kids and making sure they are having a good time,” Jordan said. “Some kids don’t get the opportunity to just go to the park and run around.”
Jordan, a native of San Francisco, developed the idea for Camp Dala Days as part of her Experienced-Based Education, an internship-for-credit program unique to Bethany College. By participating, students can earn academic credit while job shadowing or interning.
After various outdoor games and playing on the wooden playground at Swensson Park, the kids settled down to make and then eat homemade ice cream. The recipe began by mixing milk, sugar and vanilla into a zip-lock bag. That bag was then placed into a larger zip-lock bag filled with ice and salt. After vigorous shaking, the mixture firmed up, creating a sweet treat for the campers. Even the camper who was lactose intolerant was taken into consideration and used soy milk to produce his ice cream.
“I love working with kids, because they all have different personalities,” Elliott said. “The things that come out of their mouths are so entertaining.”
Over the next couple of days, the campers will engage in various activities. Today they will walk the trails of Coronado Heights and participate in a scavenger hunt. Before leaving, the campers will make and eat s‘mores.
The final event of Camp Dala Days will be Friday, when an entire day will be spent in Wichita at the Exploration Place. Exploration Place is a science center with hands-on exhibit areas for all ages and also boasts Kansas’ largest digital dome theater and planetarium.
“I’m excited about going to the Exploration Place,” said Jordan. “It reminds me of the Exploratorium in San Francisco that I used to love going to.”