“The Greatest Show on Strings"

The Augusta Public Library’s Summer Reading Program kids were treated to a special performance Thursday by the Clement McCrae Puppet Shows - “The Greatest Show on Strings.”
The marionettes, rod puppets and hand puppets performed in a fun program set to music. There were animal acts, circus clowns, acrobats and even dancing poodles.
Mary Susan and John McCrae, along with their daughter, Allison, share a goal of giving the children in attendance some joy, happiness and adventure. The McCraes live in Kansas City and perform around the country.
“This is our love - we enjoy families and our show is meant for audiences of all ages,” Mary Susan said.
In conjuction with the library’s summer science theme “Fizz, Boom, Read,” the puppet show presented “The Amazing Adventures of Fizziwigonmyer and Boomenshagen,” in which the main characters enjoyed time travel.

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