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  • Maybe it’s just me, but this seems wrong, that an Augusta (girls12 and under) softball team is selling raffle tickets for dpms AR-15 rifle for a fund raiser? Little girls are dealing assault rifles, God bless America.
    Some right-wing/tea party members seem to be more irrational than usual as is evident in Thursday's Viewpoints .Is it because they are beginning to sense they are losing favor---big time? Well-read Kent Bush is usually fair in his editorials--and obviously THINKS. Perhaps the person who wants Kent's editorials blanked out and replaced with a Republican view should write a thoughtful, non-hysterical piece about his political views, I'm sure the Gazette will publish it. (They have printed several articles or letters of opposing views in the past) Unfortunately, right-wingers tend to just vent and offer no constructive criticisms or ideas.
    I have enjoyed living in Augusta for most of my life, but now I am being forced to think about moving. I can’t take any more City utility bills like the last one I received. I don’t mind paying for electricity, water and sewer, but it’s all the extras that keep getting added that are killing me. It’s been nice, Augusta, but I’m outta here. I can live cheaper in a lot of other places.
    Pompeo hasn’t actually voted against Obamacare 57 times, but if he had, it would constitute a monumental waste of time and money.
    Augusta should consider building a lot more low-income housing units. That’s where most of us who can’t pay the high utility bills will be looking to live.
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