Hickory Hollow Animal Refuge has been located at 14297 SE Cole Creed Road, near Leon, for 15 years

While Hickory Hollow Animal Refuge has been located at 14297 SE Cole Creed Road, near Leon, for 15 years, most people don’t know they are there, or what it is that they do.
“I moved out in the country and people would drop off their animals, so I started taking them in,” said Pam Tirotte. “I have over 200 animals including horses, goats, chickens, two alpacas, dogs and cats.”
Tirotte and her manager, Michelle Davis, work to adopt the animals out to loving homes. Occasionally she also has to rehabilitate animals who have been abused, wounded or are sick. One of those cases is a dog named Champ, who was featured recently on KWCH. Wichita Animal Control picked him up a few weeks ago. Since he was a pit bull, and in bad shape, he probably would have been euthanized had Davis not tagged him as a dog Hickory Hollow wanted.
“He had scabs all over his body and a bloody wound on his head,” said Tirotte. “He was starved and I think he was tortured.”
At first, it was thought Champ had mange because of the scabs and bald spots all over his body. Tirotte said after the scabs started falling off, she noticed ithe small bald spots were actually burns and scars, and they covered his entire body.
“I haven’t ever gotten a dog like that before,” said Tirotte. “But, he is healing up beautifully. He is gentle with everybody. He has a good appetite. He is a lovely dog.”
Several people have expressed interest in adopting Champ. But he isn’t the only animal in need of a home at Hickory Hollow.  There are many and several ways people can get involved.
Anyone who would like to adopt an animal can go out to the refuge and fill out an application. Tirotte or Davis will inspect the home and yard to make sure there is adequate space and fencing for which ever pet a person is interested in.
Tirotte said she also has large vet bills, feed expenses and overhead costs.  People can donate by mailing a check directly to the refuge, donating at any Intrust Bank location, or at the All Paws Pet Center.
Tirotte said for those who can’t donate or adopt, they could also really use volunteers, especially with training the big dogs.
“Training is one of the things to make a large dog acceptable,” said Tirotte. “A big dog won’t find a home without any manners.”
Tirotte said it is nothing sophisticated, and she can train volunteers on what needs to be done to train her big dogs.
Hickory Hollow is also seeking part-time employees to help out at the refuge.
Hickory Hollow Animal Refuge is open 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday or by appointment. Their phone number is 316-806-2857.