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  • Is there any way I can receive the Times-Gazette with the Kent Bush column blanked out? Or can you give a Republican view on his misstatements on almost everything?
    Mr. McKown’s letter to the editor was crammed full of hatred and anger. I am angry too. But I agree with him 100 percent. I think we all know from the response to his accurate letter what television station that person watches.
    Why all the advice from liberals telling Republicans what to do in order to win elections? It’s laughable. Makes me wonder if you don’t like a candidate and feel a GOP change would be better.
    Mr. Bush, of all of the recent T-Party Candidates that you had comments on, you failed to remember West Viriginia. A landslide! The race most amusing to you, you also failed to report the T-Party won by a good margin, until the incumbent invited his liberal buddies to help out. Not much difference between a Moderate GOP and a Democrat.
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