A lower left leg injury on a planned Pueblo, CO to Murphysboro, IL trip brought me to the Susan B. Allen emergency room.
A series of tests were conducted and the Doctor informed me that no fractures showed but he wanted me to see an orthopedic.
I didn't really have time to wait a week or two to get an appointment but the doctor called and I was able to see the specialist in a matter of minutes.
While the news wasn't good, I was forced to end my cycling trip, I wanted to let everyone in El Dorado know what a great medical facility (Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital)is located in their community.
We live in a day and age when medical care is constantly criticized.
The people of El Dorado should consider themselves fortunate to have a wonderful facility in their community.
Special thanks to Lawrence Shank, MD. of Bluestem Orthopedics and his staff, however, from the check in process to the final diagnosis.
I was impressed with everyone.
Rich Schurter