June 14

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Word of the Day
sui generis soo-eye-JEN-ur-us; soo-ee- adjective; being the only example of its kind; constituting a class of its own; unique. — Dictionary.com

Website of the Day: Mutiny on the Bounty
From history.com, a look the true and complicated story behind history’s most famous mutiny.

Number to Know
23: Length in feet of the boat piloted to safety by William Bligh after a mutiny on his ship. The boat was loaded with 19 men, only one of whom died on the journey.

This Day in History
June 14, 1789: Captain William Bligh and 17 others, survivors of the mutiny on the HMS Bounty reach Timor after a journey of more than 3,600 miles over 47 days in a small open boat.

Today’s Featured Birthday
Boy George (born George O’Dowd), English singer-songwriter, 53.

Daily Quote
“I would rather have a cup of tea than sex.” — Boy George