The proposed hotel for downtown Augusta is apparently dead

The Augusta Progress Inc. meeting was full of information about hotel projects in Augusta.
The proposed hotel for downtown Augusta is apparently dead. Mark McCollom told the group he had purchased the former Emprise Bank building where developer Tim Johnson had considered bringing a hotel.
Johnson allowed his contract on the building to lapse and McCollom stepped in and negotiated a sales price after the asking price was dropped to $195,000 from $295,000 on a recent real estate listing.
McCollom said the property would probably be divided into smaller pieces and he already has some interest from potential clients.
Johnson said in the past the city working closely with the proposed hotel project on 7th Street had made it almost impossible for him to compete with a national chain receiving incentives.
API Member Dalton Patterson updated the board on the process with the hotel development on 7th Street – which API has promised an investment of $100,000. Patterson said the city has agreed to remove its request for the two percent Community Improvement District tax  - which is only paid on the affected properties – for the property in front of the proposed hotel. Dilap Patel, the owner of the land, had said including the front of the parcel in the CID zone would make recruitment of two restaurants to the area more difficult.
The CID funds were expected to help reimburse the city for the improved waterline in the area to help with flow and fire suppression, but other sources will be used to pay for those improvements now.
QuikTrip is reportedly also planning to locate on property adjacent to the new hotel project. The company hasn’t formalized plans yet, but they reportedly expect to be open by the end of the year.
Patel also reportedly has other offers for the old Patti’s Place land where a new Community National Bank sign has been erected in the past few weeks.
There were several potential tenants listed for the corner property although CNB is not expected to located in that area. The bank is reportedly just using the sign to let people know they are planning to expand in Augusta.