Todd Tiahrt is not pleased with his successor's record

Todd Tiahrt is visiting Kansas residents  - making new friends and becoming reacquainted with old ones. This week he has visited communities in Elk, Greenwood and Butler counties
Tiahrt is no stranger to Augusta.  Many residents were pleased to hear of his recent decision to enter the race for Kansas’ Fourth District Congressional seat, held by Republican Mike Pompeo since 2011.  
Tiahrt, who represented the Fourth District from 1995 to 2011 and endorsed Pompeo, is not pleased with his successor’s record.
“I’m letting people know why I’m doing what I’m doing,” Tiahrt stated. “I’m disappointed and not happy with the way things are going.”
The former Congressman explained the main concerns in policy is Pompeo’s support for NSA.  
“Listening to our phone calls and reading our emails is wrong,” he said.
Tiahrt is also concerned about Pompeo’s support for military action in Syria,  and his support for numerous bills in Obamacare - Tiahrt said, “Some provisions in Obamacare should remain, but many should not. There are too many codes, paper work and regulatory procedures.”
More concerns for Tiahrt are his opponent’s special interest legislation to block consumers from getting information about food and complaints about defective products.
Local economic growth remains a priority for him.
“Remember I fought hard to get the tanker back,” he said. “We have lost 5,000 aircraft jobs...1,500 jobs went to Brazil when the Pentagon overlooked Beechcraft and outsourced the program. My opponent didn’t even try.”
Pompeo has attacked Tiahrt for what he calls wasteful earmarks, but Tiahrt is quick to respond such earmarks brought much-needed projects to the district.  
“It broke my heart when good people here lost their homes in the flood,” he said. “With the new levee system, that won’t happen again.”
Tiahrt was a familiar face during the grueling months following the devastating flood in the fall of 1998 and he was instrumental in helping Augusta’s Levee Enhancement Project become a reality in June of 2012.
“Mr. Pompeo is out of touch,” he said. “I haven’t changed. I’m the same person. It’s time for changes in Washington.”
The contest between Tiahrt and Pompeo is shaping up to be one of the biggest political race of the  year in Kansas. The Democrat candidate is Perry Schuckman of Wichita, the former director of a nonprofit agency.
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