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  • Redbud Trail considers bridge plans

  • KDOT Field Check
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  • Field Check Plans were submitted to KDOT the first part of April and KDOT conducted a Field Check site visit on May 15. This was a major milestone in the design, as the design and contract plans are considered 55 percent complete with Field Check. Another milestone was reached this week with submittal of Office Check Plans, and the design is now considered 90 percent complete.
    The trail will be 20 feet wide, consisting of a 10-foot concrete portion and 5-foot shoulders on both sides available for joggers. The shoulder surface material will be as recommended by the jogging community. Obstructions will be cleared to 5 feet outside the shoulders.
    After completion of three phases of environmental studies funded by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, some of the existing roadbed material imported from quarries that had high levels of cadmium and lead has been classified as “Contaminated”, but not “Hazardous.”
    This is significant, as the existing material can be graded as long as the materials are kept on the project site, and existing materials will not require disposal off site in a hazardous waste landfill.
    Where the trail crosses 159th Street, Main Street and Andover Road, the trail will be marked by trail crossing signage and pavement markings on the intersecting streets. A short segment of Main Street at the trail will be resurfaced.
    A 6-inch thick concrete pavement has been selected. City staff prefers including heavy wire reinforcing.
    After evaluating a number of bridge options, they recommend complete removal of the existing concrete railroad bridge and stone abutments, and constructing a weathering steel truss bridge that will be 14’ wide by 40’ long. The bridge deck will sit on the lower truss chord so that the trusses become the bridge handrails. The large stones used as the original bridge abutments will be incorporated into the landscaping.
    The existing roadway side ditches between 159th and Lakeside Drive will be improved with French Drains, which consist of a trench of open graded aggregate around a 6” perforated pipe.
    The landscaping plans call for more extensive landscaping than in the Concept Plan, but is now considered appropriate for the field conditions.
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