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Thanks to Kent for writing that "facts are unclear on release of American soldier". It is amazing how people who get their news from cable TV  are convinced they have the right answers regarding controversial subjects. It is appalling that many viewers feel they have enough information about that soldier to have him either tarred and feathered or declared a hero. Most of the talking heads --especially on Fox News-- are more interested in their programs  ratings and like to keep their gullible "base" happy by skewing the news to fit their  comfortable beliefs. The biases in "reporting" are so obvious. Also,keeping the ratings up means more ads can be sold so those coffers can remain filled. Truth in reporting is not even important--just gets in the way of a good story.
Concerning the Towanda street repair in El Dorado - a side walkway needs to be put in for BCC student safety. But the worst street in town is Douglas from Towanda to the bypass. It's been in desperate need of repair for a long time,  as much as the west end of Towanda. Since there really isn't a road plan in place, just do what you do all over town, repave and tax the property owners. I try to avoid both these streets. I'm sure both these streets will get attention in the next five years - if we’re lucky.
If you were an employee of the Augusta Mobil Refinery and missed the Mobil Refinery 31 year reunion over Memorial Day weekend, you missed out on a great opportunity to visit with our Mobil family of days past.  There were folks there that I had not seen in 31 years and it was so nice to visit and rekindle our friendships.  Family and friends drove several miles to attend and it was a joyous occasion.  Pipeline folks, along with Kaneb Pipeline past employees and family members also joined in on the celebration.  What a tribute to what was once a viable employer of Augusta.  Hope they continue to gather, but might not want to wait 10 years again.

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