By the time Kyler Steinkamp started jumping the 6 foot, 6 inch height at the high jump event, he already knew he was going to get a medal.

With enough competitors eliminated already, Steinkamp clinched a medal at the state track meet for the second straight season. This year, he came close to last year’s finish by earning a fifth-place medal to cap his high school career.

“I can’t be too disappointing considering last year I got fourth with 6-02, and this year I got fifth with 6-04,” Steinkamp said, “...I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get 6-06, at least match my season best, but I’m pretty happy.”

On Steinkamp’s first attempt at 6-06, he clearly had the height in his jump, but he said he took off from too far a distance as his landing wasn’t clean.

“My first jump was probably the best jump I had all day,” Steinkamp said of the attempt.

He had one early scratch, but it didn’t prove costly as he cleared the next two heights on his first attempt. All in all, he had a strong way to finish the season. Steinkamp had to fit in high jumping with his dash races part of the season, and he still managed to help propel the Orioles’ 4x100-meter relay team to qualify for State, then earn an impressive third-place medal.

“It’s been awesome,” Steinkamp said. “Obviously getting in last year was a pretty cool experience, but definitely getting in with a relay this year too, that’s fun.”