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The Butler County Sheriff’s office is the lowest paid large agency in the area, with new deputies starting at just over $13 an hour, which is a sad fact for such a large law enforcement agency.  Heck, even their road LT's only make about $16 to $17  an hour.   They have a very high turnover rate due to this fact, because their deputies can go to just about any other agency in the Wichita area and start out at $2 - $3 an hour higher.  Because of this they are continually understaffed, and they are working lots of over time, and not just the road deputies, but also the detention deputies, too.  If they raised the pay of their deputies to be competitive to area departments, they would be able to retain not just the staff, but quality staff a lot better.  I bet that the money  spent on overtime every year would more than pay for a $1 or $2 an hour raise for each deputy.  Its time for the Butler County Commission to open their wallets and give much needed raises to the Sheriff’s office, and not just this bogus two percent "pool" of money that is only like a $500 raise a person.


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