On May 16, 2014, Peter Derek Heintzelman, 49, Reno, Nev., passed away due to natural causes.

On May 16, 2014, Peter Derek Heintzelman, 49, Reno, Nev., passed away due to natural causes.

On November 27, 1964, after a wonderful Thanksgiving family dinner prepared by his Grandma Ruth Baker, Peter was born at Cushing Memorial Hospital.

Beginning in 1968, his parents’ employment opportunities transported the family throughout the United States; living in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, Georgia, California and Kansas. He attended West Junior High School 1977-79 and even returned to the Leavenworth area for awhile several years ago. Wherever Peter went, he experienced many adventures, lived a spirited full life and formed many lasting friendships.

In January of this year, Peter began a new chapter in his life with his acceptance of the AA Program. He also began volunteering at the Reno Catholic Charities and The St. Vincent’s Food Pantry Programs where he soon became a devoted employee. He loved helping those in need because he felt he’d at times walked in their shoes.

Peter is survived by his parents, Judy (Baker) and David Heintzelman, Morro Bay, Calif.; his brother, Matthew Heintzelman, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; grandmother, Ruth A. Baker; stepbrother, Philip Heintzelman, St. Louis, Mo.; and many loving Baker and Heintzelman aunts, uncles and cousins.
He was preceded in death by his namesake maternal grandfather, Pete F. Baker; his paternal grandmother, Edith Heintzelman and grandfather, Edwin A. Heintzelman; stepbrother, Mark Heintzelman; and uncle, Edwin L. Heintzelman.

Our family has always loved the Lake Tahoe area and has spent many wonderful times there. While celebrating his birthday in 2013, Peter took us to the exact place he said he wanted to “live forever.” This year on his 50th birthday, Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014, his ashes will be returned to that special place and we will honor his request.  

His last words - “Happy Mothers Day Mom, I love you very much!”  
Our last words - "We love you too, Peter."