City Council considers changing operation hours at the limb yard

In a response to requests from the community, Augusta City Council will be changing the operation hours of the city’s limb yard.  It was an item for discussion at Monday night’s council meeting.
“We’ve been asked to make it more like El Dorado’s hours,” City Manager Josh Shaw advised.
The proposed change would be:
Monday and Sunday - closed
Tuesday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
“I  would hate to see it closed on Sunday.  I’m for changing the hours, but I’m against that,” Council Member Matt Malone said.
Shaw advised he would need to go back to staff and discuss the Sunday option.
“El Dorado is different. It’s a dumping spot.  We have city assets located at ours. There’s a difference,” Councilor Matt Childers explained.
“If Council is comfortable with new hours except for Sunday, I’ll get back with you after that item is resolved,” Shaw stated.
Cemetery flower placement change
An administrative waiver was approved concerning placement of flowers, not in permanent display containers, at Elmwood Cemetery for Memorial Day.  The current ordinance states flowers may be placed three days in advance and 10 days following the holiday.
Shaw asked if the council would consider allotting additional time.
City Attorney Austin Parker advised the council an administrative waiver would be acceptable this year and he could come back with an ordinance for their approval later.
The council approved 8-0 to change the days to seven days prior for placement and 13 days following Memorial Day for  removal.
Deteriorated steps being replaced
Shaw informed the Council the cement steps at the water plant are in such bad condition they have been taped off to prevent anyone using them.
A photo of the badly deteriorated steps was displayed.
“This is a non-budgeted item and we need feedback from you. You can accept the lowest bid of $7,749 from McCollom Construction for replacement, or I can bring it back for a formal item at the next meeting,” he explained.
Council approved the bid from McCollom Construction, 8-0.
Change order for School Street project
A change order in the amount of $8,000 was recommended by engineering for the School Street reconstruction.  
“The engineer has reported that many residents on that block are driving over the curbs and parking in their yards.  They’re not supposed to do it, but they do.  We want to upsize the 4-inch sidewalks to 6 inches in order to prevent breakage,” Shaw advised.
Council approved the change order 8-0.
In closing comments, Council member Sue Jones reported 42 downtown flower pots had been adopted and she hopes everyone will plant their flowers by Memorial Day.

Correction:  Tuesday’s City Council article failed to mention that the final plans for the Depot will not be sent to KDOT until some issues concerning the HVAC system design are resolved.  The council did approve the recommendations regarding floor plans and finishes, however.

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