EMS eighth graders celebrate the end of their middle school years

Eighth graders at El Dorado Middle School celebrated the end of their middle school years with the Promotion Exercises Wednesday morning.
It opened with the Flag Salute, led by Channing Kimble, the StuCo president, followed by a performance of “Keep Holdin’ On” by the eighth grade choir.
Principal Karla King then presented the class and announced they have all met the goals to move on to high school next year. Each student then was recognized and presented with a certificate.
Some special awards also were presented.
The Lavelle/Monte Watts Memorial Scholarship went to Callie Carter.
The KSHSAA Citizenship Award was presented to Christian McCoy and Grace Myers.
The program concluded with some student reflections by Kimble.
She pointed out a lot of pictures were being taken today.
“They will be nice to have, but honestly we don’t need them,” she said. “We have made memories that will last us a lifetime.”
She said no picture captured their fear of walking into the middle school the first time or their fear of entering the old locker rooms that first year.
She said seventh grade wasn’t as scary and the best thing about that year was they could compete for the school.
She also said no photos captured all of their hard work and effort to succeed.
“Speaking of success, we never would have done so well without our parents and teachers,” she said.
Looking at this year, she said they came in excited to be the top dogs, as well as having a new building.
“We gave up the traffic and noise surrounding the old building for the donkeys and cows around the new one,” she said, offering thanks to the community for supporting it.
She said the new building has given them more options and opportunities.
“The new building has given us a lot of experience dealing with change,” she added. “That is why I am sure we will do fine next year.”
She said they have made some really great memories and there were more to come.
“Hopefully the best memories we make will be without a camera in our hands,” Kimble concluded.
King then wished them well.
“Over the next four years you will be amazed at the opportunities you have as young adults,” she said. “Make good choices, be kind and caring, and please, remember to turn in your assignments.
“Good luck to our new freshmen.”