EDCF recognized their employees for outstanding service during the past year

The El Dorado Correctional Facility took some time Tuesday afternoon to recognize their employees for outstanding service during the past year at the annal all-employee meeting.
To start, they had a moment of silence for those who passed on in 2013.
Warden James Heimgartner then offered a few remarks.
He said they will go into next year working on the basics.
“Probably the biggest part of our job is being able to stay positive,” he said. “If you work on that it goes a long way for everyone.”
He also said staying involved with new people makes them stronger as a group.
“We all play a role and if we don’t work as a team, we are all just individuals and don’t get as much done,” Heimgartner said. “I am proud of our staff.”
Department of Corrections Secretary Ray Roberts also addressed the group, beginning by saying it was good to be back, having been at EDCF for more than seven years.
“We always have challenges in our business and we will always have challenges,” he said. “I think the way we address those is important. I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you do on a daily basis.”
He said they deal with the worst of the worst and have positive outcomes and encouraged them to be good ambassadors.
“The best ambassadors we have for people to work in this business is you,” he continued.
One challenge they continue to face is a growing inmate population. They are just short of 100 over capacity.
He talked a bit about the legislation passed last year for justice reinvestment, saying it did not reduce the population as projected.
It is projected by FY2015 they will be about 200 under capacity because of a focus on recidivism reduction.
Roberts said two-thirds of the people who come back are due to a mental health or substance abuse issues.
“I think we’re moving in a positive direction and your efforts are very much appreciated,” he told the employees.
Next they began the recognitions. Employee of Year went to Ricky Beck for uniformed employee, Donna Buntain for non-uniformed employee, Jerry Green for contract employee and Mark and Wendy Wine for volunteers. Special awards included Eric McFarland, Above and Beyond; Safety Committee, Appreciation Award; David King, Community Service Award; Greg Shinert and Tara LaForce, Innovation Award; and Staff Development, Teamwork Award.
Service awards also were presented. They included:
Five years: Linda Black-Smith, Alice Carroll, Joshua Diaz, Jerry East II, Jeffrey Gauss, Angela Greenwood, Christopher Harvey, Sean Liike, Ashley McKeen, Weldon Mills, Trudi Temple, Travis Stout and Nicholas Waner.
Ten years: Joshua Cleveland, Yvonne Dale-Mogolis, Douglas Davis, Deborah Garison, Jeremy Hoepner, Randy Hutchison, Daniel Landers, Matthew McCarthy, Kathy Mishler, Timothy Randa, Luis Sanchez, Suzanne Scribner and Byron Whitlock.
Fifteen years: William Henley, Shawn Humig, Patirck Mansfield, Gary Merrick, Barry Mosley, Timothy Nichols, Thomas O’Brien and Glenda Peterson.
Twenty years: Ronnie Beeler, Roger Dutchak, Doulgas Edwards and Angie Jones-Burks.
Twenty-five years: Sheila Edwards, Larry Hoshaw and Bethel Posey.
Thirty years: Deane Donley and Gary Wilson
Next to be recognized were those receiving a promotion in 2014, including: Kevin Miller, SCI; Donna Buntain, CCII; Julie Manion, CCII; Robert Brill, CCI; Rachel Philbrick, CCII; Jeremy Mitchell, CSI; Roland Buchanan, CSII; Charles Livengood, SCI; Tyler Goodrich, CSI; Louis Mann, CSI; Shawn Chastain, COII; Alan Jameson, ASII; Mark Hxson, CSIII; Kenny McWithey, CSII; Syrina Stout, ASI; Troy Carrell, COII; Walter Burrows, COII; Cody Austin, COII; Trina Farmer, CSII; Ricky Beck, CSII; Sean Liike, facilities specialist; Gary Merrick, CSII; Eric Spencer, CSI; Nicholas Palmer, CSI; Michael Castleman, facility specialist; Dale Call, HRPIII; Bryan Weimers, CSI; Kevin Paige, CSI; Jason White, CSI; Andrew Johnson, CSI; Robert Simmons, CSI; Robin Strickland, COII; John Bousfield, Jr., COII; Matthew Moore, CCI; and Regina Riley, COII.
Those with perfect attendance included:
One year: James Austin, Ricky Beck, Daniel Bentz, Yvonne Breckon, Gary Coon, Douglas Davis, Todd Edwards, John Himes, Daniel Jackson, David Jackson, Robert Kelley, Dan Landers, Wyanetta Mahaffey, Eugene Newfield, Kevin Paige, Stephen Raevsky, Kristopher Raymond, Day Saisi and Randy Sherman.
Two years: Kent Mains, Richard Schmidling and Matthew Wiebe.
Three years: Alice Carroll, Gary Langenegger and Billy Martin.
Four years: Jerry Clark and Carey Sowder.
Five years: John Cannon.
Six years: Tim Smith.
Seven years: Shawn Humig.
Nine years: Heath Austin and John Snow.
Ten years: Doug Weber and Gary Wilson.
Twelve years: Dale Call.
Thirteen years: James Griffitts.
CISM team members recognized were Heath Austin, Laura Boyer, Dale Call, Scott Galloway, Jim Griffitts, Robert Sapien and John Snow.
Wellness Committee members recognized were: Aida Hiser, Ashley Rafferty, Brandie VanArsdale, Kathy Mishler, Lawrence Collier, Matthew Hermreck, Michael Castleman, Patricia Vernacchi, Sheila Schlotterbeck, Trudi Temple, Laura Jeffrey, Marsha Moses, William Henley, Robert Brill, Nancy Kemp, Elisa Metcalf, Dan Landers and Lorraine Evert.

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