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What's this, motel people still demanding that Augusta taxpayers stuff their pockets full of cash? No way without a vote of the People.  No private water line until  the new line from El Dorado is finished and paid for. No water line for the motel people until Walmart is paid back every dollar they had to spend for a water reserve. No tax money for motel people unless the other motels receive matching dollar for dollar from taxpayers. Want a new motel? Then by all means build it. Just keep your hands out of  my pocket. You take the risk. It's simple we vote before you get a penny of our money. Does the City Council work the  many or the few?
The Bandorama last Thursday night was great.  Everyone should make a point of attending each year.   Mr. Hollis, Ms. Manahan, and Mr. McKee have all done a great job.


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