The 2014 group was inducted last week leading up to graduation

In 1937 the first group of students was inducted into Butler Community College’s Order of the Purple. The 2014 group was inducted last week leading up to graduation.
“It’s really wonderful to be standing among so many student scholars and the faculty,” said Butler President Kim Krull.
“From the Butler family to your family and friends we also want to say thank you for sharing them with us and entrusting them to us.”
Ron Englebrecht, chair of the Butler Board of Trustees, also congratulated the students on behalf of the board.
“On behalf of the Board of Trustees I welcome everyone to this evening’s celebration of achievement,” he said. “We offer our congratulations to all of the honorees and our best wishes to you.”
The speaker for the evening was Karen Waddell, the 2014 Master Teacher. Waddell has taught business systems technology at Butler for 22 years.
She began by telling the students she was in awe of all of them who were graduating with a 3.75 grade point average or higher.
She then asked those students who worked while attending Butler to stsand, and went on to do the same with those who had children, were in extra curricular activities or took more than 12 credit hours.
“I want you to pat your neighbor on their back or give him or her a high five and say ‘job well done’,” Waddell said.
She also recognized the instructors, specifically Don Gronau who has been named a most influential teacher every year for the last 22 years, including this year.
“I work among some of the most amazing instructors here at Butler,” she said.
For the ceremony, she said she decided to talk about the Three Little Pigs.
She recalled the story of how the mother pig sent the three little pigs out to build their horses and seek their fortunes and the results of the three homes.
“Since you completed your education at Butler you’re not the first little pig who had his house and dreams blown away by the big bad wolf and you’re not the second little pig who had his house and dreams blown away by the big bad wolf,” she said. “You are the third pig. You have a solid foundation.
“You have obtained your degree and we have helped build the foundation for your house. Now go out and build your mansions.”
Each of the students received their medallion and the outstanding faculty were recognized before moving on to the special awards.
The Huey Award was presented to Tyler Riffel; the Winnie L Broers Scholarship Award went to Alex Todd; the Helen Teter Zebold Science Award went to Katie Anderson; and the Frank H. Cron History Award went to Ryan Jarboe.