Rep. Crum will retire, Mayor Williams announces she will run.

Kansas Representative David Crum (R-District 77), has announced his retirement after four terms in Topeka.  In a press release Monday morning he stated, “This has been my eighth session and I look forward to  completing my fourth, two-year term at the end of this year. As I have stated many times it has been a significant honor to represent the fine people of the 77th District.
After much deliberation with Betty, I have decided that I will retire from the legislature at the end of this term of office. It is time to turn the job over to someone with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm. It is with a great deal of excitement that I endorse Mayor Kristey Williams to serve as our Representative to the Kansas House for the 77th District. Kristey shares my philosophy of government and would make an outstanding State Representative. She understands the importance of the family and demonstrates that attitude through her own example. I am confident that Kristey would promote free enterprise, property rights and respect for our constitution.
As a life long resident of Augusta, Kristey has been dedicated to advancing our community. I have no doubt that she would continue to aggressively support Augusta and the other communities of the 77th District, Douglass, Rose Hill, and Andover if elected to state office.
I will continue to work hard in Topeka to represent our District through the end of my term. Thanks again for the privilege of serving.”
In a phone interview Crum shared that he has no immediate plans other than  spending time with family, “I’m sure there will be plenty to keep me busy.”
He also added, “It’s been a wonderful experience with no regrets.  I was honored to serve the people of this district who were always respectful and supportive.
Williams announces candidacy
Augusta Mayor Kristey Williams shared news Monday morning as well, “Representative David Crum has skillfully served the 77th District of Kansas for the past 8 years. With his recent decision to retire, I am announcing my candidacy for the Kansas House of Representative 77th District.  David’s leadership in the House will be greatly missed.  It is my hope to continue the tradition of fiscal conservatism and accountability that Representative Crum demonstrated throughout his legislative career. It would be my honor to serve our district and be the voice of the people of the 77th District.
Butler County, my home for over 37 years, is a wonderful place to live, to work and to raise a family. Butler County is a place of entrepreneurship, hard work ethic, and strong family values. Remembering the values and priorities of those I am elected to serve will be foremost in decision-making. Representing the 77th District requires earnestly listening to the people, understanding their needs and interests, and advocating for those interests.
Working for the past 7 years as the Mayor of the City of Augusta has given me insight to the challenges we face as a community, county and Nation. Promoting free enterprise, honest and transparent government and respect for our Constitution and the rights of individuals and families are among the core values that I am committed in promoting and protecting as our district advocate.
The same hard work, passion for serving others, and assessability and advocacy I’ve dedicated to Augusta, I now offer the 77th district. With priorities that benefit ALL Kansans – I’d consider it a great honor to serve as your State Representative.”