Victoria Falls team in full cooperation with law enforcement investigation

Dennis Bush, CEO Watercrest Communities, owner and operator of Victoria Falls Skilled Nursing Home in Andover, spoke to the press Monday afternoon concerning the recent investigation into the care of patients at the facility.
“I am here today to reaffirm our commitment to quality healthcare that protects the safety of our residents - period.”
He reminded reporters that his team, with over 15 years of experience in resident-centered care, has an unparalleled record.
He emphasized his cooperation with law enforcement and the Kansas Department For Aging and Disability Services in their recent investigation into care provided by Victoria Falls Skilled Nursing.
“We are pleased to let you know that our plan of correction has been accepted by KDADS and has been implemented.”
He further stated that the Andover Police Department launched an investigation in January, but Bush was given no information on the context of the investigation at that time, however, a subpoena  was issued at that time for medical records of a resident no longer living at Victoria Falls.  Bush advised the records were provided immediately, but were given no information as to the purpose of the request.
“When notified about alleged incidents in March of 2014, however, we immediately took action and one employee was terminated.  During the KDADS investigation, two other employees were placed on suspension in April of 2014.  To the best of our knowledge, no charges have been filed against any of these individuals,” Bush explained.
He also shared that the Andover Police did tell them in April that if the department ever felt someone was or is in danger, they would take the necessary steps immediately.
Despite the fact that no grievances were filed internally and the staff never received concerns from any of the healthcare external team, Bush advised that they are in full cooperation with law enforcement and regulatory agencies.
“...we have a longstanding record of exceptional care for our residents.  We are continuing our own investigation, as well, one that will be ongoing until all of our questions and concerns are answered.  We do believe at this time that there may be misinterpretation of some material and we are working diligently to gather all the facts and make any adjustmentss that may be necessary to ensure safety for our residents.”
Bush also cautioned the public against “sensational information” that may be used to inaccurately provoke emotional responses.
“...We ask that you have faith in us, in our staff, and in our commitment to exceptional care and not be swayed by emotive messaging that may be unrelated to this story.”
Bush would not take questions from the press members in attendance at the news conference held at Victoria Falls Skilled Nursing Home.