The seniors at El Dorado High School celebrated the end of their high school careers with the annual senior banquet Thursday evening.

The seniors at El Dorado High School celebrated the end of their high school careers with the annual senior banquet Thursday evening.

Following the welcome by Senior Class President Heather Riddle, the students enjoyed a meal together before beginning the program.

Three seniors gave speeches during the evening.

The first to speak was Jeffrey Jones, with a speech titled “The beginning of something new.”

“Friends and classmates of 2014, our journey on life’s path is nearing a crossroads,” he said.

He said they are graduating because they have worked hard and finished.

“Graduation has been our biggest test in life,” he said. “We have completed childhood.”

He said they will not be going on different paths, some parallel to one another and some in different directions.

“A few of us have left our common pathway,” Jeffrey said.

He went on to talk about graduation.

“I am proud to say most of us are here and we will share in the celebration of our big day,” he said.

He said they should honor their perseverance in completing this leg of their journey.

“I don’t think we are all here today by chance or pure luck,” Jones said. “We worked hard, got help when we needed it and stuck with it.”

He said everyone needs a bridge in their lives to get through and his parents were his bridge.

“We have reached one of the greatest milestones of our life –graduation,” he continued. “All young adults do things they shouldn’t; it is the fact they get back on the right highway and saw their goals. We have finished the first part of our journey and will soon start another.”

He told his classmates they were not limited to anything in life.

Lyndsey Jones gave the next speech, titled “Moving on, ready for our futures.”

She said they were gathered to mark the end of one journey of their life.

“As we reflect on past events, I recall numerous times we were challenged and succeeded,” Lyndsey said.

She said it had been a long four years and a short four years. She said it was long with practices, homework and late nights, and short with the lasting friendships and memories.

“The first of many challenges was the academic part,” she said. “Another challenge was our grades because the information teachers taught was hard to understand.”

She asked the students to remember the first day of their freshman year when they were the only ones in the building, then the next day the rest of the students returned and they felt like they did not belong.

She talked about how they have grown over the years.

“Now as we look back, each year ended pretty simply,” she said.

She said when the first semester this year arrived they began their countdown to graduation.

“We should leave behind what wasn’t helpful and take only what was,” Lyndsey said.

“Congratulations to us, class of 2014, we have done it. The time is here. Let’s celebrate.”

The final speech was given by Caitlyn Fowler, “Monster’s are us.”

She said she loves to laugh, play and be goofy. She also loves animated movies.

She said when they were in kindergarten “Monster’s Inc.” was released. Now their senior year, the sequel, “Monster’s University,” came out.

She based her speech on references to the movie “Monster’s University.”

She compared their class to the movie and characters in the movie, saying in the end of the movie they realize what they need is each other.

“We make ourselves stand out with our ability to reach out to anyone,” she said. “Friends, thank you for coming into my life and teaching me it doesn’t matter what others think of you.

“To the class of 2014, thank you for the lifelong memories that last forever. As we continue on with our lives, keep in mind we are part of a very special relationship.”

She encouraged them to never lose that bond and always remember they are Wildcats.

Next, the scholarships students had received were announced.

The students received more than $23,000 in local scholarships. In all, the students received more than $246,000 in scholarships plus 17 students received books and tuition scholarships for the next two years.

One special award given out first was by Mark Myers, who presented $1,000 gifts to students for the Charlie Myers Memorial Scholarship and Nancy Myers Memorial Scholarship, his son and wife respectively. Those went to Travis House and Jenna Pennington.

Following the announcement of scholarships, senior gifts were presented the the senior video was shown before the closing address by Kerstin Pierce, senior class representative.