My mom showed her true mettle during the tough times

A few days ago I cried while watching  Kevin Durant receive the NBA Most Valuable Player award.  Like a good son, he paid tribute to his mother and all the sacrifices she had made throughout his life.  
Mothers are often thanked for working long days to put food on the table and insure their children have life’s essentials.  In addition to the physical needs, the spiritual and emotional needs are also important.
Good moms make sure their child knows that they are unique and loved.
As painful as falls or scraped knees are to a young child, hurt feelings and broken hearts can devastate an older child.  Those are the tough moments for any mother.  So badly, a mother wants to take that pain away, but at the same time, she knows life’s lessons will prepare them for what lies ahead.
My mom has been a constant in my life, no matter what the situation.  Good times and bad times - and there’s been plenty of both - she’s been a source of strength.   
It’s easy to share your child’s joy when they find that special person and you watch them leave the nest to begin their new life full of hope.  
Becoming a grandparent is a wondrous adventure.  Every mother cherishes the first moment of looking into their grandchild’s face.  Her heart is flooded with love.
I shared all those adventures with my mom.  Looking back, I know that those were the easy times.
My mom showed her true mettle during the tough times.  And I am thankful that she did.
My 20 year-old daughter sat betwen my mother and I, holding our hands tightly, when she was diagnosed wth leukemia.  I was stunned.  I was speechless.  I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.  Maybe I didn’t hear the doctor right.
Immediately my mother took charge.  She didn’t waste any time giving in to hysterics. There was no time.  She guided the situation into a plan of action and her granddaughter’s treatment became top priority.  
My daughter had a support team.  We all rallied to stand with her, but it was Mom who was in charge. For months she kept track of oncology appointments, sitting through hours of chemotherapy and being the one her granddaughter leaned on during the torturous bone marrow biopsies.  All the while, encouraging and staying positive.
Life shattered that August night when I sat with my parents and listened as a doctor informed us that nothing else could be done.  Our sweet girl was gone.
Memories of the following days remain a blur for me, but what I do remember clearly is that Mom took care of all of us.  Like she always had.
 I’ve been blessed and I know that it doesn’t matter how old I get or where life takes me, I’ll never stop needing Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Belinda Larsen is the Augusta City Editor of the Butler County Times-Gazette and can be reached at: