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  • Let’s keep the RPS and repeal Brownback and his dictatorship-prone cronies.
    Mr. Wells, me thinks thou doth protest too much. I don’t think taking cheap shots against the newspaper and the Viewpoint writer(s) helps your case at all. Even if you were 100 percent true, your tone is disturbing. It is more proof of the venom and anger some people have when it comes to disagreeing with the way they see things. Get over it. Free speech is free speech. I don’t always agree with the Viewpoints, but everyone has a right to their opinion, whether you agree or not.
    You’re right, Mr. Wells, money does buy influence in U.S. politics. I just don’t happen to like the Koch’s money or influence. You don’t need to attack the paper. It does print both sides. It prints your letters, doesn’t it?
    Mr. Wells, breathe in. Breathe out. Calm down.
    I hope there will be more Butler County history stories. I look forward to getting the paper.
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