Butler County Youth Livestock Association held its Spring Show on Saturday

For the first time in several years, the Butler County Youth Livestock Association held its Spring Show on Saturday at the El Dorado fair grounds.
Organizers were hoping to increase interest in the livestock program with area youth.
“This is the first spring show we’ve had in about three years,” explained organizer Ron McCune. “Participation in the Butler County program has decreased in the past several years and we’re hoping to get the Butler County kids more involved.”
The show was not only enjoyable for the kids participating, but for their families as well.
“The attitude of all the exhibitors was excellent,” explained McCune. “Everyone was really relaxed and it seemed like all the families involved had a really good time. I didn’t receive any complaints from anyone.”
The show featured a wide variety of cattle despite the lack of annual scheduling.
“It was a well-run show and everyone seemed to enjoy it,” said McCune. “It was a good friendly competition between all the kids involved. We had 79 head of cattle at the show. We had 33 steer and 48 heifers.”
The cattle welcomed to the show were from all over central Kansas.
“Of cattle we had shown, 23 were from Butler County,” he explained. “Twelve kids came with those 23 cattle. We also had cattle from McPherson, Mount Hope, Hutch, and Newton, just to name a few. We had a great turnout from the entire mid-central part of the state.”
The association hopes to continue the tradition.
“We would really like to hold this type of show every year,” said McCune. “We want to keep kids interested in helping out with this program. We also hope to do more shows in the future–and not just cattle. We hope to have shows for sheep, goats and other animals.”
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