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  • My wife and I planned and saved and planned and saved some more. We were thrilled to be able to retire at 62 while our grandkids are still in school here. Now our retirement is being stolen for no other reason than spite. The folks in Topeka and the super rich who tell them what to think said "Get rid of Medicare” - so they did. People who work for wages, people of color, the poor, the infirm, people who desire a first class education for their kids are on their own. They just don't count. There is no public in "Public Servant " anymore.
    I just love the Tales of Butler County mysteries! Thank you!
    Aaron Wells, you are probably a very smart man. But please get your facts right before you write to a newspaper defending the Koch Brothers. Per a NYT article in 2012 the Koch Brothers Americans for Prosperity spent $122 million just on the 2012 election cycle. That is more then your figures of the NEA and American Federation of Teachers added together. And the Koch Brothers don't have to disclose how much they give to AFP.
    I’m a senior citizen living in Augusta and the other day I had to chase my trash bags down the street because the wind had blown over the handy dandy new trash carts that have no way of securing the lids.
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